Cowichan Performing Arts Centre presents

The Chinese Warriors of Peking

Chinese Warriors of Peking

"... An entertaining show for the whole family." - Eastbourne Herald

"... Some of the world's greatest acrobats and a host of undisputed masters of martial arts as well as some potential Olympic gymnastic medalists of the future." - Hastings Observer

Filled with high-intensity martial arts and breath-taking acrobatics, the whole family will be captivated by the Chinese Warriors of Peking. The performance is set during China’s Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) in the ancient capital of Peking and re-enacts the annual royal Martial Arts tournament, where the country’s finest warriors demonstrate their impressive skills and acrobats entertain the crowds with gravity-defying feats.

The Chinese Warriors of Peking have toured with Cirque du Soleil throughout the world performing their award-winning “Slack Wire” act and are in constant demand for their “Pagoda of Bowls” performance. Under the direction of Qui Jian, this company of talented martial artists and acrobats provides an action packed demonstration with juggling, aerials, live stage combat, traditional weapons handling, diving rings, contortion and acrobatics all presented in an incredible theatrical experience as an exploration of the cultural history of China.

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