Craig Golby & Kris Friesen

Vancouver Island Above and Below

Craig Golby

Craig Golby is a conservation photographer with a Master’s degree in Environment and Management. As a long time traveler and educator, Craig uses his photography to emphasize his research, bring awareness to the environment, reconnect people with nature, and create transformational change in sustainability. Craig has extensive knowledge of ecosystem management and environmental stewardship from working all over Vancouver Island and the British Columbia coast, Mexico, Caribbean, and south east Asia. During this time, he's had the opportunity to share his knowledge of nature and passion for the ecosystem in education and interpretation programs with thousands of students and nature enthusiasts.
Craig has been published twice in the past 4 years. His first publication was his Master's Thesis “Conservation Education in Shark Tourism” where he studied human shark interactions in tourist operation in southern Mexico. Craig had studied and photographed sharks most of his adult life globally from white sharks in Guadalupe, Mexico, Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas, whale sharks in Mexico and Thailand, white tip, black tip, and grey reef sharks in the Philippines, and hammerhead sharks in Mexico and Cayman Islands. His Second publication and part of this gallery display is a book called “Vancouver Island Above and Below: Exploring our connection with nature and need for sustainability”. From ecological footprints, old growth logging, over fishing, urbansprawl, and climate change Vancouver Island is not immune to the global issues we see today. It is Craig’s aim to foster advocates for change and motivate a movement for a more sustainable Vancouver Island.

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