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Nepal's Heartbeat - A Nick Versteeg Documentary

Nepal's Heartbeat - the sequel documentary to Five Weeks in Nepal

“Nepal's Heartbeat” lives within the infinite resilience of its people.

In the sequel of Five weeks in Nepal producer Nick Versteeg, takes us back to Nepal to show what happened with the donations that were made two years ago after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 8000 people.

We travel with Nick and his guide Bibi to the Khumbu Valley and see the rebuilding process first hand. In the chaotic city of Kathmandu they are rebuilding the three hundred year old temples that came down in Bhaktapur.

Nick also teamed up with Rob Tournour’s organization “Another Brick in Nepal” to show the work his organization is doing to rebuild schools.

We travel with world-renowned earthquake expert Dr. Bishnu Pandey who is teaching the Nepalese people how to build better homes. The villagers are not and cannot be dependent on a chaotic government for reconstruction even though such has been promised.

It is with financial and technical help from outsiders all over the world that they rebuild their houses, schools and medical centres.

These villagers are the beating heart of Nepal. It is their infinite and inexhaustible resilience, which inspires the rest of the world.

Trailer Nepal's Hearbeat from DV Cuisine on Vimeo.

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