Cowichan Performing Arts Centre presents

Kalabanté: Afrique en Cirque

“If you love contemporary circus, chances are you’ve seen Yamoussa Bangoura perform— and picked your jaw up off the floor afterward.” – The Georgia Straight



Combining theatre, dance, music, and some utterly astonishing physical feats, Afrique en Cirque is a high-flying, audaciously athletic feast for the senses.

An immersive journey for the whole family, this show will transport you to mystical places – such as a rainforest in the midst of a sacred dance ceremony around a fire – while listening to the dynamic sounds of live musicians.

The Afrique en Cirque show symbolizes the strength, agility and joy of life found in African youth. A handful of daring acrobats, accompanied by their musicians, perform to the pulsating rhythm of the djembes of Guinea with their authentic and original choreography and acrobatics. With the melodious sound of the Kora, Yamoussa Bangoura transports us to a place where the diversity of traditional African arts are illuminated and combined with the virtuosity of a modern North American Circus performance.

Kalabanté Productions was created in 2007 by Yamoussa Bangoura, a multidisciplinary artist of Guinean origin. Yamoussa’s long-term dream was the founding of a school of circus arts, and to direct his own multidisciplinary company specializing in the African arts.

Based in Montreal Quebec, Yamoussa Bangoura, artistic director of the company, works to pass on and share his values and passions in the circus arts. He teaches various artistic disciplines, such as African dance and traditional music of West Africa, which in turn helps one to master the circus arts.

As the company director, he develops his own shows, which over the past several years have been increasingly gathering attention and recognition in the Quebec circus arts community and worldwide. Kô Ryass, and other shows such as Kumbaya, Uno, Kira Nene and Afrique en Cirque have been created and performed worldwide.